Active since 1996, we have been helping companies to work more effectively, increase their productivity, and gain greater insight into their operations through the thoughtful application of technology.

We can help you in the following areas.

Design Thinking Process Aids

    Create quick UI prototypes to gauge user interaction with proposed systems.
    Build bots to stress-test web, or general server, based services: discover and correct your production issues before they turn into customer frustration and lost clients.

General Coding

    Automate inventory ordering to be triggered by sales orders or inventory levels.
    Make phone/tablet apps to allow sales and service staff to be more responsive in the field, and customers to work through help guides away from their desks.
    Pull data from separate systems into single applications, allowing you to see the full picture of how your business is performing.
    Get rid of wasted time ticking off forms by making quality assurance part of your software’s workflow.
    Quickly monitor business operations and make your workflows more visible with the creation of summary dashboards for opaque or complex processes

Application of Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis
    Distil aggregate client feelings and perceptions of your services or products by analysis of emails and feedback.
Document categorization
    React quicker to time critical and important requests by having issues automatically sorted according to your priority selectors.

Digital Signal Processing

Speech recognition and synthesis
    Be updated to issues when in transit, and request fuller details or make decisions through conversation with a digital assistant
    Allow your apps, and self-help kiosks, to work with sight-impaired clients.

Construction of Web Apps

Back end

    Cloud or office based services, with a choice of databases. Increase throughput by increasing the number of active processors/app instances when you need them. Save money by not paying for time when your apps aren’t in use as you would with flat monthly service fees.

Frond end

    Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS front ends. Save on data transmission by having the UI, and processor heavy work, housed on your customers’ machines. Avoids popular JavaScript attacks associated with Ajax, Rails, (Sales)Force, and other web frameworks that use JS in the browser.

Full Web

    Browser based interfaces, if you prefer them.